On The Refuge...

Listen to the chirps, chatters, croaks, and quacks throughout the refuge. Spring is here and the refuge has awakened with a symphony of noises and songs. We have many new happenings at the refuge. Buds are bursting, bright green blades of grass are popping, and soon baby wildlife will be stumbling. Another new event at the refuge is the installation of a floating deck/dock at Kieps Island boat landing! A big thank you to the Bob Clark Family for donating it to our Friends group in memory of Judith Ann Clark. The deck is the perfect place to sit on benches and enjoy beautiful birds, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. The side of the dock is helpful to launch canoes and kayaks for a paddle on our placid pools. Visit the refuge and discover what you can see at our new dock!


                                                                                                -Stephanie Edeler, Wildlife Refuge Specialist

green frog.jpg
fox squirrel.jpg
palm warbler.jpeg
natdiglib_29210_small otter.jpg

To celebrate World Migratory Bird Day, the Friends of Trempealeau Refuge will be sponsoring a virtual presentation by Stan Tekiela, who is a very well-known naturalist, author, and wildlife photographer from Minnesota. His presentation is titled, “Bird Migration: The Incredible Journeys of North American Birds”, which is based on his new book, Bird Migration. Stan’s presentation is scheduled for Friday, May 7th at 7:00. Watch for details here and on the Friend’s Facebook Page