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Support Makes All the Difference

The Refuge is home to a diversity of plants and animals, including rare species and habitats including wetlands, prairies and savannahs.  The Refuge is also an important resting and feeding site on the Mississippi River flyway, a major international bird migration corridor. Continuing development along the Mississippi River Flyway has reduced the suitable area available to migrating birds for critical rest stops, making the Refuge increasingly important.   In addition, this Refuge is increasingly busy as more people seek out wildlife-related recreation and information.

The Refuge will benefit if it has more resources to use in meeting management goals, such as invasive species control and habitat improvements.  Protection and enhancement of critical natural resources is at the heart Friends of Trempealeau Refuge.  

Some History

In 2007, at a public meeting regarding the Refuge’s Comprehensive Conservation Plan, Refuge staff asked for volunteers to do the organizational work of forming a Friends group for the Refuge.  The Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan states:  “Friends groups play a critical role in helping the public understand the importance of protecting and preserving refuges.  They provide critical support by volunteering, raising funds and educating the public. Trempealeau NWR …needs to establish its own Friends group that will provide an independent voice for the protection, conservation and enhancement of refuge resource.”  Several citizens volunteered to form a Board of Directors needed to establish this tax exempt non-profit organization.

We now need the most critical component, your support.

You can turn your love of this Refuge and concern for wild places into action by joining Friends of Trempealeau Refuge.  Your membership contribution will support Refuge goals and your volunteer time can help improve habitat, educate citizens and legislators about the needs of the refuge system, and raise public awareness and interest in the Refuge by assisting with educational programs and festivals.

Please support this wonderful resource.  Help make sure that the Refuge can continue to offer interesting opportunities for people to observe migrating birds in the fall and spring, blooming prairie flowers and nesting bald eagles in summer, and playful otter “tummy slides” in the winter snow.

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